Becoming Certified For Eating Disorders Treatment Through the IAEDP

International Association of Eating Disorders Professional pic
International Association of Eating Disorders Professional

The director of The Mandel Center of Arizona since 2003, Alyssa Mandel is a licensed social worker with more than 20 years of experience in the field of mental health. Alyssa Mandel serves as president for the Arizona Chapter of the International Association of Eating Disorders Professionals (IAEDP), through which she maintains certification as an eating disorders specialist.

In addition to offering resources and conferences for professionals who work with people suffering from eating disorders, the IAEDP also provides certification courses through which specialists, registered dietitians, creative arts therapists, and registered nurses can gain expertise and training in the treatment of eating disorders.

Each of the certification exams requires completion of the same four core curriculum courses. These include introduction to eating disorders, treatment modalities for eating disorders, medical aspects of eating disorders, and nutritional aspects of eating disorders.

Through these courses, students receive practical, advanced education necessary for their work with patients with eating disorders, as well as the information required to pass their final certification exam.

Students pursuing certification can complete the core curriculum training either online or by attending the two-day workshop held prior to the IAEDP annual symposium. They must score 70 percent or higher on the multiple-choice exam that concludes each module. Once they have taken the core curriculum courses, students may sit for the certification exam which, when successfully completed, grants a two-year accreditation.